Our commitments

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Since its creation in 1986, IGN France International believes in values that support its development strategy, its relationships with business partners and the quality of the proposals that it submits. Its main goals remain client satisfaction and the technical quality of its services.
IGN France International's values are the guarantors of its international renown and success.


Before and throughout its projects, IGN France International mobilises the best experts takes advantage of the latest IGN technologies.
In addition to the excellent profiles that it has internally, IGN France International is able to call upon its network of independant experts, photogrammetry experts, geodetic experts, topographers, but also economists, agronomers, gologists, hydrologists...
These experts are called upon depending on the specific needs of each projec, for short or long missions.


Active in more than 50 countries, IGN France International has at its disposal the necessary networks for creating private or institutional partnerships.
It is precisely these synergies that allow IGN France International to bring a relevant technical response to each encountered problem.


Listening, accompanying, realising projects while respecting its committments are the main values of this company.
In order to minimise eventual misunderstandings that would lead to delays in the progress of our projects, each proposal is subject to double validation by both the technical and commercial teams.


The proposed methodologies and solutions are always developed with respect to the client's specific demand, taking into account the nature of the project at hand as well as the existing equipment, when applicable.
IGN France International's independance compared with the chosen solutions is another one of the company's strong committments.

Excellence, quality, complementarity, proximity and independance: these values are at the heart of the company's strategy and guide it in all that it does in the field.
It is no coincidence that several partner countries praise the activities of IGN France International. Some collaborations have lasted more than 20 years!