Vietnam : a technical seminar to present the Nha Trang patrimonial management GIS project

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As a conclusion of the GIS implementation project led by G2C Environnement in partnership with G2C Informatique, IGN France International and Archetype Environnement, a seminar presenting this 17-month project was organized in Hanoi, November 6th.

The main objective of the workshop was to share the project experience with the various French companies interested in its impact and with the Vietnamese public entities willing to implement such systems in order to improve the management of their networks and to reduce leakages. The presentation generated great interest and many questions from the participants. The concept of networks management is rather new in Vietnam. It represents a performing answer to the concrete needs of the decision-makers in charge of these issues.

Vietnam has set up ambitious legal goals to reduce leakages on the drinking water networks:
·         25% loss by 2015
·         20% loss by 2018
·         15% loss by 2025
To reach these objectives, the  public operators are looking for sustainable solutions and the development banks seem very interested in funding these crucial issues.
Then the companies involved in this project flew to Nha Trang to make more detailed technical presentations to the beneficiaries and other participants.

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